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With a Single Scan, Step into a Legacy of Love and Memories.

Together with family and friends, keep the memory of your loved one alive.


Select Your Timeless Memorial Template

Step 1:

Personalize Your Timeless Tribute Page

Step 2:

Share the Legacy and Celebrate the Journey

Step 3:


A Simple Scan, A Lifetime of Stories.

In the quiet reflection of a gravesite or in the everyday moments carried with you, our emblems serve as a bridge to the past and a gateway to the stories that define a lifetime. With a simple scan, you unlock a treasure trove of narratives, images, and milestones that celebrate the full spectrum of your loved one's journey. 


Preserve Their Legacy.

Whether it's placed with care upon a headstone or intricately woven into jewelry or keychains, each emblem is not just a symbol, but a living archive. It stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of your loved ones, ensuring their legacies continue to inspire and touch lives, day after day, forever.

Explore a Real-Time Showcase

Customized Memorial Page sample # 2
Customized Memorial Page sample # 3

Honor Their Legacy

Elegantly Crafted Memorial Page:
Celebrate their story with a personalized page.

Choose Your Tribute:
Select from a Gravestone Emblem or Downloadable QR Code. The downloadable QR Code offers flexibility, allowing you to incorporate it into any item of your choosing, whether it be a memorial plaque, a keepsake, or a personal item.

Endless Memories:
Enjoy limitless cloud storage for photos and stories.

Always Up-to-Date:
Benefit from continuous updates to the memorial page platform.

We're Here for You:
Count on our dedicated customer support.

Peace of Mind:
Receive a lifetime guarantee on all gravestone emblems.

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Jessica N.

Charming Memory exceeded my expectations in creating a beautiful and personalized memorial page for my loved one.
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